Track Your Monthly Spending

I must admit that I failed to track my spending in the past. All I know is that I have the money to spend but I did not bother to monitor the flow of cash and where the money goes.

This is the biggest mistake I have made!

I am so embarrassed about how I have miserably mishandled my finances thus far. I let money control me instead of me controlling it. I have been throwing money away and I knew that I need to stop this behaviour.

I am working to do it ‘right’ this time after two (2) years of trial and error; so hopefully I have found the strategies that will work for our family.

I have worked to establish some drastic measures and aiming to be a better version of myself. My family deserves financial stability; life is meant to be lived! We can make it work comfortably and still achieve our goals. It may seem so trivial to some people but it feels huge to me.

I am confident that I am capable. I just need to be diligent and consistent to do so. The last three (3) months had been a huge challenge with the onset of pandemic brought about by Covid-19.

Since I began tracking, I have come to realise that I thrown away my money on unnecessary things.

I will stick to the budgeting process I have found and will continue tracking my expenses. I aim of paying off all our four (4) credit cards this year, cancel all 3 and keep only one rewards card.

Big wins on the way! 💪

Criticisms or not, I can make this work no matter what and I wish to bring you along in this journey.

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  1. This is a good read, a helpful article that everyone should practice. You can do it, I believe. I am a minimalist from tip to toe.

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