The 15-Minute Routine that Changed my Life

When I was working my way through our finances, I have learned that setting a system in place and finding the time to sit down and work on our budget did wonders. 

Please don’t be deceived. I often say I am getting obsessed with our personal finances but please do not get me wrong. I don’t want to give the impression that I am spending my entire day working on our finances. 

In truth and in fact, I only spend 15 minutes  on it — 15- minutes in the morning or 15- minutes at night.

Right! It does not take up the majority of my life. As a matter of fact, it was the last thing on my list. 

My life revolves around what is most important to me – my family, serving God, my health, my full-time work, and finances. 

These are my topmost priorities. If anything minute comes along, I can try to fit it in but not at the expense of what I value the most.

How can I fit everything in?

I am an early riser. I start the day working the first 15-minutes on my budget. It’s the perfect time to work on the numbers; it is uninterrupted as our son is still fast asleep. Before he wakes up, I quickly have my warm shower and morning skin care routine (a must).

Pre-covid, I wake up at 5:30. I catch the bus and I spend almost an hour travelling to work. This is the perfect time to get in touch with family and friends in my social network. 

With the onset of the pandemic, the current set-up proved to be very challenging. I have been working from home for 4 months now and our son is with me for 3 days; 2 days with his Nan. The art of multitasking and juggling in between work and being a Mum at the same time is quite daunting. I have struggled flexing my working Mama powers hugely! 

Thankfully, I managed thus far and had learned to adopt to the new norm. It was a blessing in disguise that I get the opportunity to work from home and currently enjoying the morning cuddles and afternoon naps with my son. I am a proud full-on Mum and I’ve got no complaints! 

My Super-Mama daily routine

After my work routine is done for the day, I spend a couple of minutes doing some exercises. My son and I spend some time doing zumba but he recently got bored with it so I have been doing my abs routine on my own. I have yet to challenge myself hard on this as I am not very consistent. 

We also schedule some walking which was my usual routine pre-covid to achieve my 10K steps but it’s quite hard when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s currently in the middle of winter in our neck of the woods. 

When my son wakes up from his afternoon nap, it’s time to prepare for dinner. I start on it around 4’ish so we can have our dinner at 6PM. While I am busy prepping for dinner, Mr. Budget Tipster takes the time to have his second shower for the day.

After dinner, I give my son his shower; Mr. Budget Tipster changes him, give his vitamins, get his milk ready, and brush his teeth. Whilst he’s busy working on him, I’d have my much needed night shower and skincare routine. Again, self-care is a must! 

When all is set, I got to read our son some books before bed time and put him to sleep after our scheduled prayer. Mr. Budget Tipster leads the family’s devotional prayers and would then go back to his usual chores at night: washing dishes, tidying up the kitchen, and all other mess caused by our little toddler. 

You see, our lives are timed; we got used to adhering to our normal routines, otherwise everything will get so messy! Our son had been trained to go by his daily routine and this is so true for us as well; having no one to help us with our chores and only myself and Mr. Budget Tipster to do them all, it helps that we can do things with such precision and coordination. 

15 Minutes on my Budget, what do I do?

It is important that I keep track on what has cleared on the checking account online and update it on my expense tracker. This takes almost 80% of my 15 minutes. 

Most of my bills are set-up as recurring payments on my online account. So this makes the process less tedious. 

After completing to check the online transactions, I proceed to balance my cash envelopes for food and groceries category. I don’t do much on here as I update this after every shopping run. It is important that this is regularly updated so I know the balance accurately and I know how much exactly is left for the next shopping run. 

It may appear to be so much tasks but trust me, this can be completed in even less than 15 minutes. 

When I have more time left, I go over my budget template/ worksheet or start a new budget worksheet for the next month. 

After everything is said and done, and after all of my other monthly tasks are completed, it now gives me a clearer picture of where we stand financially.

The impact of 15-minute budgeting routine

Sticking to my 15-minute budgeting routine with strong dedication and a little hardwork on a daily basis has changed my life and it proved to be worth it. Knowing our financial position always gives that certain “peace” that can not be undermined.

Budgeting is a lifestyle; to make it a habit and a permanent part of my daily routine, it has to be done every single day. 

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