Thankful Thursday

Today, we are speaking our awe and gratitude to the beautiful journey we have chosen to take. For the past year, we challenged ourselves to trust the process so we can be on top of our finances. We were able to prove that this system doesn’t even require a rocket science to figure it out.

While the turning point in our lives occurred two years ago and we were aware that change was imperative at the time, it required for a pandemic to hit us before we were able to finally implement these drastic changes.

These allowed us to let patience prevail rather than impulse, appreciate progress over perfection, save more and spend less on things that we do not need, be consumer debt-free, spend things for cash, go on holidays without hurting the pocket and invest on experiences, buy holiday presents without going into debt, consistently sticking to our budget plan, and most importantly, it gave us the permission to spend without feeling any guilt.

These are major for us as we made huge strides to adjust the way we live our lives to the lifestyle that we choose.  We have seen our progress in being intentional with money as well as living a purposeful life. We can see tremendous actual results.

Indeed, this journey had us working in gratitude for the simplest things in life. I hope we can all find a tiny moment to find happiness and peace in our lives today.

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