Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

It has been two months since I have last written down a gratitude post. Today, I am ending my procrastination. I still fall into this bad habit by justifying that I am a working mother and that I suffer from physical and mental exhaustion; but the ultimate goal is to remove those behaviours that don’t add value into our lives.

It is understood that we will need to celebrate those little wins no matter how small they are to keep us going; if only to keep us fired up in achieving our vision. But we have also surmised that it is healthy to be off social media or any social platforms to recollect and be attuned with our inner selves.

We were busy working on our inner cores and our short-term and long-term goals respectively.

In August, Mr. Budget Tipster was finally debt-free! We thought for the longest time that it’s never going to happen but when you set your heart into it, anything is possible.

He closed down his credit card thereafter. It was a relief to finally say “No” to debt for real and treat it with absolute disdain.

We are proud to say that we have been buying things for cash. We are never going back into debt ever again!

It was also in August when my usual pay returned back to normal- no more pay cuts due to Covid!

In the middle of that, we were also spending time as a family during weekends. We spent our time indoors watching Little Budget Tipsters favourite movies; there were times when he wanted to watch it repeatedly. Yeah! Family time is his favourite time!

We go outdoors so he can some fun at the park to play with his car or bike. Covid restrictions has been lifted in New South Wales although we were still strictly imposing the precautionary measures to keep our family safe.

Please allow us to speak our gratitude:

We were mostly grateful for the opportunity to travel as a family. Our travel sinking fund made it stress-free in terms of spending as we cash on hand to spend without hurting the pocket.

The weather wasn’t perfect; it’s normally sunny and beach weather at this time of the year but when we had the trip, the strong gust of wind wreaked all beaching plans.

There was the absence of rain though, if it was any consolation at all. We were able to look at the beauty in the middle of the not-so-beautiful weather. This was something we do not have a hold over.

Unfortunately, Little Budget Tipster was sick when we checked out. He was already too sick while we were traveling back home. He was vomiting for 10 hours on and off when we decided to call for an ambulance. We were told that we were doing all the right things prior to the medical services’ arrival. We administered his spacer every four hours and also given him some hydralite which his body refuses to take in anyway.

Health and hospital services in Australia is something to be grateful for. We had to stay overnight at Sydney’s best Children’s Hospital. We paid nil. Our healthfund has got unlimited ambulance cover and we have Medicare for the hospital and professional services.

It took a week for the little man to recover. He’s finally back to preschool this week and was able to attend his orientation in preparation for big school next year.

Where did the time go? Can I just press the pause button? ☹

Overall, things have been great for our little family. I am always grateful for this precious gift!

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