Thankful Thursday

Let me speak my gratitude for this week:

I feel mighty proud of myself for assigning every penny a job! It has helped me get my butt into gear. I have been seriously tweaking our September and October budgets. I was posed with the difficult task of choosing what matters and truly holds value to our family. Sticking to our budget plan is the ultimate goal and even when we fall off the wagon, I am sure the plan I have made is very well cushioned to cover us when the need arises. 

I am always grateful to have gained more knowledge and for the gift of discernment; I felt adulting has more weight as I am trekking along this journey. I have never been so good with money before but by staying consistent with our budget, I am confident it will help my family meet our money goals as I know I have the ability to manage it correctly. 

I am extremely grateful that despite paycut, we were able to get rid of 3 credit cards and paid them off in full only in a span of two months. I also received some good news at the beginning of the month — we are now back on our regular wages. 

You see, due to the pandemic, our industry was hit big time beginning in March; the Management had no other recourse but to reduce our hours so the business can save some money and we can come back stronger when things are better. 

Throughout this process, Mr. Budget Tipster and I have learned to work through our goals and setbacks without blame or recriminations. We have learned to immediately look for mutual solutions and jump on them. I am thankful that this has opened up better communication skills for us in other aspects of our lives, we have found ourselves growing more and more open with each other.  

I am grateful that my basic needs are met; I totally stopped buying little things that I didn’t really need and started putting money towards savings.

I’ve been one of the lucky few to be able to keep my job and be able to work from home. It may sound glamorous to you but it poses a lot of challenges too which I have learned to slowly overcome. We have been home all the time so it has saved me some money. I’m saving, saving, saving- I have been obsessed in beefing up our emergency and sinking funds. 

The organic seeds I have planted have slowly grown and being the last week of winter, I am looking forward to planting more vegetables that I can grow in warmer days. 

Practicing gratitude in all aspects of my life has helped me hugely in keeping my focus on our goals. I am glad that we have not been swayed one tiny bit even when people around me are not walking similar path; therefore, they will never understand why I am taking this route to financial peace. 

I am celebrating every breakthroughs- thinking long term and seeing the bigger picture. For every little victory, I give myself a pat on the back. Building my momentum is crucial; I am training my brain to win.

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