Thankful Thursday

It only costs $0.00 to be grateful for what we already have so please allow me to speak my gratitude out loud for this week: 

I am grateful that I am able to celebrate months of being able to cover our bills with zero stress and still save for our emergency fund and sinking fund. I am always thankful that I trusted this process!

God provide in little ways and sometimes in miraculously good ways. 

I am back to the daily grind at mid-week after taking 2 days off; despite some of the inner struggles I had to face, I’m so grateful that even through the bad situations, I can still roll through the punches with joy.

I am thankful for a steady job that I am reasonably content with and have some supportive colleagues and a Boss with great family dynamics. 

We did not incur any debt for the whole month of July; everything was all paid for in cash. Hurray to that! 

We live in a home full of loving moments – good times together, meals together, memories together. Although it isn’t perfectly tidy and the lounge room floor is all covered in toys, I am grateful that Little Budget Tipster is always a happy boy and is never devoid of love and attention. 

I am always grateful for the opportunity to work from home and spend precious moments with our little boy at the same time. 

Being a parent, Mr. Budget Tipster and I are grateful for this journey as we will be laying a strong foundation for our son. Fiscal management is not taught in school but if we lead by example, we will be able to educate Little Budget Tipster; we aim for him to be similarly financially literate and hopefully will adhere to all the values we uphold. I strongly believe that instilling work ethics, responsibility, gratitude, generosity, wise decision makings and basic math skills in kids is much more important than keeping up with the newest trend. 

I hope Little Budget Tipster doesn’t just learn that debt is dumb, cash is king and savings is essential, but that he doesn’t need a lot of things to make him happy. Because, as a family, we don’t have a lot of stuff, but we do have a lot of love and joy in what we have; and we are always rich in faith.

That can be a part of our legacy, too. It may not be something material but we will surely take joy and pride in it.

I am always thankful that I took the plunge on this journey as it allowed me to see money only as a tool and not the goal; it has made my family’s vision clearer more than ever.

In ordinary life, we hardly realise that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.

Indeed, in a heart filled with gratitude, there is no room for discontentment.

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