Thankful Thursday

Every waking hour, the only thing I know is to give back all the glory to God. 

I thank Him for always carrying me to this place of peace that I thought was impossible!

This whole budget journey had me working in gratitude and finding joy for the simplest things in life.

I’m proud of being intentional to purchase items using only cash that I have rather than using a credit card; July is almost over and yet, I had never swiped my CC. 

I am even prouder to say that we managed to pay three (3) credit cards in two months despite myself having a pay cut due to Covid-19. 

Even in the tightest of situation, we continue to give generous Church offerings. We never pulled back from our spiritual commitments with our God. The act of giving itself changes our spirit. The more we give, the more we feel His abundant blessings. We always make it a priority in our budget and we can see the difference in our lives.

Everyone is at different stages in their lives— some in abundance, others in deficit, and some in between. The success in each stage is worth being grateful for and all the more reason to make the best with what we do have.

I wish everyone to keep feeling positive and hopeful wherever you may stand on your financial journey and please know that I am always cheering you on. 

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