Some Ways to Have Fun with Kids for Free

It’s the weekend and we spent the day at home as the spike of Covid-19 local transmission is escalating once more; we can’t let our guard down. My family’s safety is the number one priority; hence, staying indoors was the best option. 

I planned out the day for our son not to get bored. Initially, he suggested for me to make him pancakes so he can help; but I suggested for us to bake choc-chip cupcakes instead. He felt super excited and couldn’t wait to execute the baking task! Lucky that all ingredients were available in my pantry! 

Our son kept on refusing Mummy’s help and wanted to do it on his own from the preparation, measurement, and mixing procedures. He kept saying it’s because he is 5 and is now a grown up! 🤣

Tell me about that, Anak! 

When baking was completed, he was quite satisfied with his output.

I then told him I am gonna do some gardening. Gardening to him means watering the plants and cultivating the soil.

Now he offered his help once more! I allowed him to perform some tasks to make him happy; and as you can see from some snaps, he was having the time of his life!

However, he whinged that he didn’t do that much and that he wanted to do more. So I allowed him to water the little veggies that were growing. I took such risk at the expense of my lettuce almost drowning! It was cute when he apologised for it! I told him the lettuce will thrive and survive so he doesn’t have to worry. He was relieved!

It was precious seeing the excitement and joy in my little boy’s eyes! 

Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the most enjoyable, rewarding, and gives such inexplainable joy!

As you can see, we never spent a single dime and our son had so much fun in the comfort of our own home!

What about you, what are the favourite things you love to do at home with your family?

I’d be happy to know of your feedback.

May you all have a fantastic weekend!

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