September 2020 Budget Summary

The first half of September was quite challenging. I was successful in doing the no-spend challenge for months. September is a bit different though; it’s now spring in our neck of the woods where all flowers are blooming. I just really had to buy things which I normally don’t. 

Where did our money go?

The last time I splurged stuff for my little garden was in May. I can’t help myself from replanting this time; hence, I needed some soil, new pots, seedlings, etc so I gave myself permission to spend without feeling any guilt by increasing the budget for this month. 

I thought I will be able to have enough budget for shopping money but I was wrong when we went to see our General Practitioner to get my hayfever checked. I had frequent asthma episodes this season which is not a normal occurrence for spring. My allergy is also at its worse; to make sure it was nothing nasty and I get the best treatment, seeing our family’s GP was imperative. Some prescriptions were dam* expensive!

I normally categorised the Chemist spending under our shopping money as most of these are personal buys. As the asthma and allergy prescriptions weren’t regular spends, I deemed it best to charge it against our shopping money which of course ate most of it!

August versus September Spending

I have always said that numbers don’t lie. It is very clear from below’s comparison that I was right- we have indeed fallen off the wagon in September. The slight drop in numbers have proven that.

It must also be noted that a tiny amount for entertainment and fun was allocated. This was pre-scheduled. I had two months to prepare for it; I filled up our sinking fund before the date scheduled.

The beauty of sinking funds at its finest! 

Despite the challenges for this month, we managed to put away similar amount of savings for our sinking and emergency funds. The percentage is showing a slight difference as we had a significantly bigger income in August due to the Tax Refunds; it’s back to the normal figures this month.

However, it’s still clear that the No-Spend Challenge was not executed for September.

More challenges

We are aware that the incoming months will be pretty darn hard; the warmer weather seems to be making me fall off the wagon. I need to get my wits back and realign my goals once more. 

But I can’t forget how beautiful this journey is! Did I even say that I am getting obsessed with budgeting everyday? Why not? We can spend without feeling guilty! It’s OUR budget, we get to decide what we want to spend our money on!

I’m still feeling so excited about this new awareness and the blossoming hope we have for true financial peace and freedom. 

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