Numbers Don’t Lie

Because it is monthend, I am in a rush to complete and close off my June budget. I am still in the middle of it when I got curious and decided to check my credit card spending to compare the months May and June.

May 2020 vs. June 2020 Shopping Expenditure

I have come so far! This “small win” might be attributed to lockdowns here but not fully as most shops were still shut in May and 90% of businesses have reopened only in June. I’d love to give myself grace with this little win as I am also in careful check of my spending triggers.

Just imagine that my retail shopping declined to 80%!!! From $799 in May, it went down to $83 in June! I know the $83 was spent on mostly pots and soil for my organic vegetable garden, haha! 😂

I am truly amazed of my progress!

I realised that my spending triggers were mostly coming from online purchases and I was putting the payments via Afterpay- which means I can get the items and just pay for them in small payments for 8 weeks without interest; payments are automatically processed via my credit card.

I can see my progress as slow and steady. I am happy that I no longer seek instant gratification; I am liking the person that I have become- disciplined in spending, aggressive in saving, and most of all, I no longer incur debt!

Please do not misunderstand: this was hard. But I can’t overstate the value of taking the time to determine our goals and celebrate our journey and progress, no matter how little it is.

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