No-Spend Challenge Update

It’s been two weeks since I put my spending behaviour to a test for the very first time through the No-Spend Challenge.

There’s quite a few random people that joined me for this challenge. I am not sure of their progress but I deemed it appropriate to provide a quick update on how I fared for this fortnight. If you joined me on this, please do not hesitate to let me know how you go.

It was quite a success on the first week for us; we never spent a single dime for any of our sinking fund categories.

However, we were posed with the biggest challenge this weekend. Mr. Budget Tipster needed new work clothes. This is essential but the budget will come from our shopping money. I did not feel any guilt at all though. It was me that encouraged him to buy and not delay it any longer; I was glad that he did.

During the week, our little toddler was behaving well. Please note that he is on his own at home while I am doing my normal routine when I am working from home. He finds it tough that he isn’t going to Preschool at the moment and can’t play with anyone other than entertaining himself on his own. He was able to deal with it for four (4) months now but we can see that the struggle is real.

He has been a really good boy especially when I provide writing tasks and exercises; he sees to it that he has completed the tasks before watching his favourite shows for a limited time. When he feels bored, I’d tell him it’s normal to feel bored and it’s OK. He has managed to follow little instructions especially when I am very busy working and often on my phone speaking to our clients.

Seeing that our little boy was progressing and behaving very well, Mr. Budget Tipster promised to buy him a toy that he loves. We only buy him a toy twice a year – his birthday and for yearend. His Nan spoils him though and buys him one on a weekly basis. Mr. Budget Tipster and I love to give him little surprises whenever he deserves it.

We asked him what his wishes were which he quickly responded:

“I dreamt of letters last night and I wish my dreams could come true!”

He felt giddy and too excited when we told him it will come true on the weekend! Seeing the spark and the joy in his eyes was priceless!

I reminded Mr. Budget Tipster of the no- spend challenge but we both agreed that spending for our son just for once this month is not going to break the bank. We have a budget allocated for it so it’s not really going to hurt us.

I must say though that there was no feeling of guilt when we went out to buy him the toys and book of his choice. We were kind of surprised that his choices shifted to “cheaper” ones. Lol! I also treated myself to a couple of organic seeds for my vegetable garden.

We also quickly grabbed our lunch at a fast food chain so we can finish our errands for the day and get home earlier. The day was a bit rushed and there was no chance to actually eat at home which we’d normally do prior to grocery shopping. Mr. Budget Tipster said it’s fine as it’s probably the only “eating out” we are gonna do for the month.

I must say that despite having some purchases over the weekend, we were proud of ourselves for practicing utmost responsible spending. In the past, we’d just carelessly and mindlessly do it and not even think of how much we have spent; this time, we were mindful and fully intentional.

I shall remain positive and focused on our end-goals as a family. One step at a time. What is important is not where we are now but where we want to go.

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