No-Spend Challenge for July

I have done my July budget two weeks ago, I was too excited to do it and no sweat! I am just about to close off my June monthly budget to determine if I was on target and identify which category needs tweaking.

July is just around the corner! What is your goal for this month?

As for me, I will try for the No-Spend Challenge. This is my first time and I know it is going to be dam* hard! 😬 But with a little planning, strategy, and determination, I can make it work! 💪 It is time to prove my change of mindset!


  1. No “extra” spending for non-essentials
  2. No eating out
  3. No coffee runs
  4. No “fun” money
  5. No happy hours after work
  6. No buying of clothes & shoes
  7. No new make-ups
  8. No home decors

NOTHING other than what is absolutely necessary such as food/groceries and bills.

Please note that my no-spend challenge is not about deprivation but the realisation that I do not need more things than I already acquired. I need to utilise and appreciate what I have and be more of on a gratitude mindset.

I am an emotional and impulsive buyer so this is a cycle I wanted to stop.

To be honest, I don’t need anymore stuff. I have a small family that I dreamt of; a husband that supports me reach my goals especially in budgeting; as long as all of us are healthy, I am good with that. It has put a lot into perspective for me.

No- spend challenge for July is something I am making specific for myself. I am setting up my own rules that applies to my life right now.

I am enjoying sharing on here not only as a means to connect with likeminded people, but also for accountability. I wish to motivate as well as be motivated.

I will remember that one step or ten, as long as it is in the right direction, it does not really matter. And if I happen to take a step back, I will give myself some grace and will keep remembering my “WHY,” try again, and keep moving forward!

Should you wish to be on board for this challenge, please let me know of your progress so we can help motivate each other.

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