Major Blunder

Well, I made a major blunder with my budget and did not realise it until tonight; I thought I had done it thoroughly and accurately!

I just found out I paid one of our bills twice from May to June- both 2 days apart!!! 😬

These payments were automatically processed via our debit card that’s exclusively for bills. When I work on our budget in the spreadsheet, I will need to match it to the auto-transfers I was doing. I must have forgotten to change the amount and cancel the old one. My bad! 😬

Because I am on a very strict zero-based budget, this is going to be a major setback. I am going to have to redo every account, every savings tracker, my sinking fund, all of it. This has changed everything, and I mean everything 😢

This is a hard lesson learned for me to make sure I check once, twice, three times, and even more, just to make sure that I have everything covered.

Thank goodness I am budgeting and tracking! I know how to get out of this mess. I’m not worried, in a panic, or terrified.

I’ll just sit down tonight, take the time to review, and review again and again to make sure nothing is left out and start over all over again 😊

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