I Screwed Up Our Finances!

Two years ago, I realised something was amiss with the way we handled our finances. I sat down with my Mr. Budget Tipster; we both acknowledged and mutually agreed that we needed help.

We sought the expertise of a Financial Advisor. We paid for the services and initially considered them to handle our budget.

But we decided to cancel their services after a month as I thought I’d be able to save more money if I do it myself.

I did the basics: setting up of accounts and allocating of payments to each budget categories.

However, I made the biggest mistake when I failed to:
1) Track our spending
2) Allocate a budget for planned expenses
3) Allocate a budget for emergency fund

At some point in our lives, we all mess up. Who doesn’t? But we do something to stand up and get it right. 

In my next posts, I will share to you how I came to realise these mistakes and what measures I took in the hopes of reversing it all. 

I am not looking back with regret; this was bound to happen so we can learn something great.  We are moving forward and reminds ourselves all the time: “Never again!”

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