How to Give Yourself Permission to Spend Money

Today, we gave ourselves permission to spend money and to spend time with each other as a couple: child-free and guilt-free. 

It is extremely important that even when we live on a budget, we feel no guilt for spending money on ourselves. 

The truth is, I have now reached a place where I don’t have to agonise over spending for things I love doing to have fun. There’s a massive mentality shift since I took on this route.

From spender to saver, it is true indeed that I am not the same person anymore. I must confess though that part of me still loves spending money. 

Please do not get me wrong. I still love to shop and spend money. Who doesn’t? But I am now a wiser person in terms of spending intentionally within or even below our means. This also means spending things all for cash. 

How to combat guilt when spending money? 

You can combat the negative emotions when you give yourself permission to spend money. 

How is that even possible when you live below your means? 

Budgeting gives you more freedom to spend money

Well, the starting point is your budget. Remember that your budget is your spending plan and strategy; you lay down all the categories that is most important to you and spend you money intentionally.

A weekend date or a date night that is child-free is crucial for married couples. For us, this adds value to our lives as it is one of the many ways to rekindle our bond as a couple without having to worry of minding Little Budget Tipster. it strengthens our marriage and ensures that we are on the same page at all times. It is de-stressing too! 

We are lucky that lovely Nanny can look after our little cheeky monkey while we go out to have fun for a short while.

While it is true that it can be expensive when done more often especially when choosing some poshy restaurants, however, it won’t really hurt the pocket when planned right. 

Again, it all comes down to your budget and knowing exactly what you wish to spend for and how much you can afford. 

I don’t advocate skipping to spend on things that you love doing because budgeting should not mean you have to miss out on anything fun.

Budgeting should not make you feel restricted; it should be a liberating experience that will give you more freedom when done right.

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